Maximizing Transferable Business Value

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for Businesses and their Owners:

  • Accurate and Affordable Business Valuations

  • Strategic Growth Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Transition Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Legacy Planning

Maximizing Transferable Business Value

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."  Benjamin Franklin

Blue Sea Advisors, LLC guides business owners through a comprehensive business growth and longevity preparation process, which includes:

  • Establishing clear goals and timelines for an exit or transition of leadership role.

  • Providing a current fair market valuation of your business, affordably, accurately, and promptly.

  • Assessing the business methodologies most likely to successfully address the company's constraints to further revenue and profitability growth.

  • Identifying and implementing the company's key value drivers to help enhance business value.

  • Reviewing or designing buy-sell agreements and funding vehicles.

  • Developing a business continuity plan in the event of owner death, disability or critical illness.

  • Developing beneficial tax and cost saving strategies to help fund owner protection gaps.

  • Designing key employee retention strategies and compensation plans.

  • Conducting review of key person insurance coverage in the event of death or disability.

  • Installing best practices for the due diligence process.

  • Identifying and assessing internal successor(s) or external third party buyer candidates.

If you are thinking about transitioning out of your current role within the next 5 to 10 years, now is the time to begin preparation. We can help add significant value to your business through proper planning and preparation for the eventual transition transaction.


100% of owners will exit from their business at some point, in either an unplanned or planned way. Planned is better. Selling before your company peaks is much better than after it peaks. And generally, you only get one shot to get it right.



We can help you start building, coordinating, and preparing for the inevitable information flow required by the disparate team of advisors and stakeholders you will need to interact with both before and during an exit transaction. 


Here are some key issues you'll need to address as you proceed through the business ownership transition process:

  • Determining a time frame within which you'd like to exit the business, and what else you'd like to do;

  • Determining whom to sell or transfer the company to--family members, key employees, an outside third party, or an ESOP trust;

  • Establishing what your business is worth on the market today;

  • Figuring out if your total net resources will be enough to support you and your dependents throughout your retirement in the standard of living you desire;

  • Designing a strategy to fill any financial gaps within your target exit time frame;

  • Showcasing and marketing your company in an attractive way;

  • Getting an audit-ready set of financials demonstrating at least 3 years of sales and profitability growth;

  • Determining when and how to hand off responsibilities to the next-level management team who will carry on the business for the new owner(s);

  • Proposing a plan structure advantageous to you while still remaining attractive to the buyer;

  • Assessing the tax ramifications of the plan structure;

  • Identifying and marketing to the right buyer groups;

  • Handling due diligence issues while trying to keep your business running at peak performance;

  • Modifying and negotiating contract offer language terms;

  • Blocking the delay techniques of buyers seeking leverage in the negotiations;

  • Overcoming buyer financier skepticism; and

  • Managing multiple offers with moving parts and no firm commitments.


Trying this on your own, without a "First Mate", can be an exhausting and lonely journey, and may result in a devastating financial shipwreck. 

But by helping you manage and implement a proven exit planning process, Blue Sea Advisors can help to maximize the market value of your business, navigate around typical obstacles that arise during the process, streamline and professionally organize all required data to avoid unnecessary stalls, and prepare draft companion agreements beforehand.

Blue Sea Advisors LLC was built to accompany you on the inevitable and oftentimes perilous journey of business transition. With our assistance, you can continue to steer your enterprise as the Captain, while we expedite and facilitate the exit plan as your First Mate. We serve as your objective intermediary, advocate, coach, and experienced professional to prepare and guide you through what is likely to be the biggest financial transaction of your lifetime.