Maximizing Transferable Business Value

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Maximizing Transferable Business Value

Welcome to BLUE SEA ADVISORS LLC and Summit Legacy Advisors LLC.

BLUE SEA ADVISORS LLC is engaged in LONGEVITY PLANNING for manufacturing businesses and their owners. We help company owners achieve transformational growth in the transferable value of their businesses through proven management techniques that address the primary constraints of the organization, while taking advantage of advanced tax and cost reduction strategies.


Using a comprehensive business transition planning process, we help our clients prepare for, navigate through, and ultimately attain successful business growth and transition outcomes. We teach proven metrics that focus business owners and their key management team on the main value drivers of their businesses, and introduce strategies that will maximize the value of their enterprises, enabling our clients to convert growth in business revenue and profitability into a lifetime of financial freedom for themselves and their loved ones. Our focus is on lower middle market manufacturing companies with annual revenues between $5 Million and $35 Million.


Summit Legacy Advisors, our affiliated independent insurance brokerage firm, assists our business owner clients and their key employees in building a secure life-long financial fortress and fitting legacy for themselves and their families before and after an ownership transition. We review the major risks the business faces and help our clients address them before they turn into devastating and irreparable losses.

Together, our client-centric enterprise combines decades of real-world business experience and professional expertise in designing actionable plans for achieving growth in business value, preparing viable internal succession or external 3rd party liquidity options, and crafting key employee retention techniques, to enhance the value of the business owner's largest asset, and create fitting legacies that honor our clients' lives of dedication.


In a phrase, we're engaged in LONGEVITY PLANNING for businesses and their owners.